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    Best Ringtones For Music Band Lovers

    Best Ringtones For Music Band Lovers

    This era of technology has made things so much easier than it just takes a few minutes to have a new ringtone on your phone.

    Those smartphones’ default ringtones can now be replaced with your choice of tones and that too gracefully. You don’t have to endure those boring ringtones anymore, and bestow your aura with beautiful vibes with new band music ringtones every week or whenever you want.

    There are particular ringtones from music bands that you can have on your phones. This can be achieved by downloading any ringtones app and search for the band music. Or you can download the particular song from the internet and trim the part you want as a ringtone using a song trimmer.

    The technology has opened so many doors to let users have what they want in the easiest manner possible. Ringtones set a great example for the same. Both Android and iPhone users can have these ringtones on their phones without worrying about any barriers.

    This may seem impossible for getting a ringtone for an iPhone user but it is very simple. Users can make use of iTunes and by converting the MP3 version of a song to AAC and then renaming it .m4r you can sync your phone with the iTunes and transfer the file before you set it as your ringtone.

    This process is even straightforward for android phones as there are no technicalities. You just need to download the desired sound from the internet and set it as your ringtone using the Settings of your phone.

    However, to make an additional improvement, you can always tweak the ringtone by doing the mixing part that pretty much every song editing app offers.

    This way, not just the band songs or music, you have any sound as your ringtone once you find it online or using any ringtones application.

    Here we are going to enlist some of the best band songs you can consider using as your new ringtone-

    “More than Words”—Extreme

    “Love of a Lifetime”—Firehouse

    “You and I”—Scorpions

    “Iris”—Goo Goo Dolls

    “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”—Poison


    “Is This Love”—Whitesnake

    “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”—Aerosmith

    “I Remember You”—Skid Row

     “Almost Paradise”—Mike Reno and Ann Wilson

    A ringtone app is a paradise for ringtone lovers that let them set the ear-pleasing tones. Every time the phone rings and your new ringtone takes the lead, it just feels so euphoric.

    Even your surroundings or people around enjoy your ringtone and you get rid of those boring default tones. This is not it, because the apps contain many categories so you can set a ringtone as per your mood.

    Such as if any day or week you are feeling romantic then you can explore the Romantic ringtones. Similarly, you can have devotional, electronic, special effects, and more categories of ringtones.

    As a bonus thing, many of these ringtones app also offer wallpapers and some more add-ons for your phone. These are all for entertainment purposes and make your phone looking more beautiful. In the early-mid 2000s there is a sharp decline in ringtone sales.

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